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Industry of Impact on LinkedInAutomated Marking Inc. is proud to publish and host the LinkedIn Live series and podcast,  “Industry of Impact”, which debuted on Thursday, September 29th, 2022. The series features people who make a positive impact on people, companies and communities, no matter their industry. Follow AMI on LinkedIn to ensure you are aware of the upcoming live events.

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Dec 8 – Gretchen Philyaw – USA Loves Manufacturing

Dec 15 – Automation Ladies, Nikki Gonzales and Alicia Gilpin (Ali G)

Dec 22 – Eric McCants – Investigative Sergeant of Narcotics at Burke County Sheriff’s Office/ SWAT Team Member

Jan 5 – Dr. Miriam Martin – Director of Animal Health and Welfare at North American Meat Institute

Episode 8: Industry of Impact with Jake Hall, the Manufacturing Millennial

Jake Hall is the Manufacturing Millennial! He advocates manufacturing, automation, digital transformation, and skilled trades by helping revolutionize the way people and companies present through social media.

With over 50k followers on LinkedIn, he ignites conversations about the latest in manufacturing and automation that excites the current and future workforce about our industry.

From working with small manufacturers to Fortune 100 companies, he creates awareness around automation and modernization, investing in skilled trades, and attracting the next generation workforce.

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Episode 7: Industry of Impact with Barbie the Welder

Barbie the Welder is an American metal sculptor, published author of 6 books, and advocate for the skilled trades. Barbie’s unique, self-taught style of sculpting art quickly threw her into the spotlight on social media, which has caught the eyes of hundreds of thousands of people.

Barbie said, about being on Industry of Impact, What a wonderful and thoughtful interview! Thank you so very much for your time I’m grateful for you!

Barbie The Welder has inspired and taught thousands of people to weld art through her books, metal art welding kits, and her YouTube channel.

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Episode 6: Industry of Impact with Travis Lachner, CEO of Beast Node

You want IMPACT to your business? Come listen and watch Travis with Beast Node!!! He understands what it means to provide value through entertaining and interesting content. He calls it activating the “cheat code”! You want in on that, right??

He has developed a proven playbook called The Constant Content™ system and teaches people how to use a signature show + daily content marketing to build high-level relationships loaded with positive rapport.

He offers:
🎞 Professional Media Production, Coaching, and Consulting
🎹 Post-Production & Repurposing
🧲 Publishing & Social Media Management and Business Development

Do you want to grow your business? DO NOT miss this!

Episode 5: Industry of Impact with Elise Michaels, Mindset and Mental Health Coach for Men

Elise helps her clients heal subconscious trauma, improving the quality of their relationships, lives, and business. That is IMPACT! In her words: “With my own exploration in trauma therapy, relationship science, Neuroscience, NLP, and therapy of my own, I was able to pinpoint the cycles and behaviors that ultimately always led to my demise. Now I help men, as many men are silenced when it comes to emotions. This causes their struggles to be compounded and makes it even more difficult to process.”

You won’t want to miss this one!

Learn more about Elise and her services on her website:

Episode 4: Industry of Impact with Jeff & Dayna Hohlfeldt

A dynamic brother and sister duo!

Jeff Hohlfeldt is the Vice President of Northern Industrial Manufacturing (NIM) and the Chief Battery Officer for Recharged L3C. In his dynamic role with the award winning NIM, Jeff is responsible for the business, community and technical advancement for the tier 1 automotive supplier. NIM is a world class US based supplier of shims, spacers and selective washers. We manufacture these products in-house using Stamping, Grinding, Vibratory Finishing, Color coding, heat setting.

Dayna Hohlfeldt after her wonderful career of teaching exceptional children in the low country of South Carolina, decided to become the founder and Executive Director of Pockets Full of Sunshine. Pockets Full of Sunshine provides opportunities and connections for exceptional individuals, Pockets Full of Sunshine not only increases their exposure to and interaction with the general population, but also provides them with increased independence, growth, and a sense of pride as they build meaningful relationships and find purpose.

Episode 3: Industry of Impact with Jay Boychuk with Total ETO

Jay Boychuk is all about automation and helping as many people and companies as he can. He is in Business Development with Total ETO, which is the only ERP and MRP system designed exclusively for Engineer to Order manufacturers. He helps custom machine builders and automation companies organize their processes. That’s impact!

Jay said about being on Industry of Impact: Marc and Deana had me talking like old friends before we even started the live session of Industry of Impact.  The moment Deana and I both talked about “labeling” solidified we were going to have an easy conversation. Thanks for having me on the show!

Episode 2: Industry of Impact with Erica Rankin, CEO of Bro Dough

CEO of Canada’s BroDough, Erica Rankin started a cookie dough company during the pandemic and documented it all through social media! She also helps people businesses grow organically on TikTok.

Erica said, about being on Industry of Impact: I really enjoyed appearing on Industry of Impact. Marc, Julian, and Bill made it a great experience; they did their homework and asked thought-provoking questions. Great vibes, great conversation, hope to do it again in the future!”

Episode 1: Industry of Impact with Matt Rogers, Career Coach & Ex-NCAA Coach

Episode 1 features Matt Rogers. Matt has an impact on people starting their careers and changing careers! He has an interesting background in coaching in the NCAA and helping college students prepare for their corporate careers.

Matt said, about appearing on Industry of Impact: Helping individuals navigate their career path is extremely important to me.  I hope the Industry of Impact audience absorbs some valuable nuggets they can use from this podcast!