Julian Mear

Julian Mear

CEO – Automated Marking Inc.

Since joining Automated Marking in 2011, Julian has overseen the implementation of marketing programs that have more than tripled AMI’s domestic sales of marking, coding, and systems automation equipment.

Since succeeding his father Jeff as CEO in 2018, Julian has created a remarkable leadership team at AMI, unmatched in their expertise and capability. He has led the implementation of an extremely high-quality consultative approach to both sales and service, through a team of some of the most talented and seasoned professionals in the industry.

Julian has been the force behind accelerating his family’s decades old business, expanding the product portfolio by 10x, expanding the sales and service team throughout the USA and Canada. He has implemented programs that have enabled AMI to sell and service marking, coding and systems automation equipment in all manufacturing industry verticals.

Prior to joining AMI, Julian was a nationally ranked competitive snowboarder, and an Olympic hopeful, whose competitive career was cut-short by a devastating back injury during an early season race in 2011 that left him with six broken vertebrae and 21 fractures in his spine. Although Julian made a full recovery after 1 year of extensive physical therapy and exercise he decided to stop competing and refocused his energy into business and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Outside AMI, Julian is also a successful real estate entrepreneur, he actively negotiates and oversees real estate projects for the family’s real estate portfolio as well as for other ventures. Julian is involved in private placements, venture capital, is an active equity and cryptocurrency trader, and partner in a hedge fund.

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