• Primary Packaging – direct to product • Secondary Packaging – boxes and cases •
• Tertiary Packaging – pallets •

A print & apply system prints coding and traceability data on a self-adhesive label and then applies it directly to a product, package or pallet before its arrival in the warehouse or before shipment.

CAMI Label systems are an integration of an industrial printer for labels and an applicator which will bring labels from the printer to the product, package or pallet. No matter the orientation, the right applicator ensures an easy-integration within the production line. Applicators include tamp/blow (linear actuator pictured above), swing arm and corner-wrap.

The series has a unique software architecture, which allows for flexibility, and scalability, and it is compatible with any print engine. Please inquire for information about these or any type of applicator.

  • Reduction of the use of compressed air by 80%;

  • Adaptability to different heights and speeds;

  • More accurate and controllable.

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The linear electric applicator rewrites the rules of print & apply systems. Faster than pneumatic systems, its technology allows a complete and highly precise control of the applicator stroke, as well as speed, acceleration and positioning. It is the most accurate solution for products of variable heights, moving on a conveyor  thanks to its optional automatic height measurement sensor; the stroke will adapt dynamically to the product height. Get the specs.

CAMI Label Swing Arm Applicator


Swing arms are mainly used for label application on the front of moving products on a conveyor. This applicator is a programmable swing arm that, driven by an electric motor, brings the tamp-plate to any desired angle between 0° – 180°.

Electric power allows it to be faster and more accurate than pneumatic in angling the arm/pad assembly. Differently from pneumatic applicators, arm’s acceleration and deceleration are settable allowing a safer and fully controlled movement and avoiding the adoption of dampeners. Depending to the production environment, it can also print and apply in real time two labels on the same products, if needed. Get the specs.

CAMI Label Corner Wrap Applicator


This real time Print & Apply system is for corner-wrap applications, typically on secondary packaging, and perfect for pharmaceutical aggregation process. It comes with two electric applicators, moving synchronously. Thanks to its unique architecture, the application can be, depending on the point of stop of the product on the line, on front + side and / or on the back side, without the need for any mechanical adjustment. Get the specs.

Why Use CAMI Label Print & Apply?

Automation Means Less Mistakes and Less Waste • Accurate, Reliable Placement and Legibility • Ease of Use • Decades of Label Knowledge from AMI

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