Custom Sizing, Features, and Belt Colors Available Upon Request


4 Standard Configurations

  • 36″ length x 12″ width
  • 36″ length x 18″ width
  • 72″ length x 12″ width
  • 72″ length x 18″ width

AS40 are from the Automation Series of conveyors manufactured in the United States by QC Conveyors. These conveyors are end drive belt conveyors. AMI provides easy to order kits in standard sizing options. These bundles will ensure you get all of the necessary parts and accessories for your conveyor. Versatile and cost-effective, the automation series conveyors are built with options that allow them to fit into a wide array of applications and industries, including: Packaged foods, beverage, hemp, pharmaceutical, part marking, lumber, building materials and more.

Quickly and easily attach any of our inline inkjet printers to these conveyors for a turnkey automation system.

Increasing efficiency, accuracy, and reduce production time.

  • We have custom sizes, colors, and shaped automation systems to fit all of your needs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please contact us and we will help you configure the perfect system for you!
  • As configurations and accessories vary depending on environment, application, and/or customer specifications, our sales team will work with you to ensure you’re purchasing the best solution for your project(s)
  • Ask us about our marking & coding products that pair seamlessly with these conveyors
  • Turnkey solutions including conveyor and print system available!

What Components Comprise Our Conveyor Packages? Why Are They Important? What Do They Do?


End Drive Conveyor with Smooth Black PVC Contraster Belt

  • Automation Series End Drive Conveyor
  • 1.95” Profile
  • Conveyor built for left hand pulling motor location
Conveyor Belt


  • Smooth Black PVC Contraster Belt
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Matte
Single and Multi Aluminum/Steel

Single and Multi Piece Aluminum/steel frames
Conveyors 18” and wider feature the aluminum/steel frame.

  • Sturdy frames are like a strong backbone, they support and carry the products you place on them safely.
  • They are key to ensuring positive tracking throughout the lifetime of the conveyor. This rigid box-frame construction design resists latitudinal and longitudinal deflections and provides extra strength.
Crowned Pulley

Crowned Pulley
Ensures accurate tracking in most applications

  • This small part that’s higher in the center and lower on the ends ensures proper tracking in most applications. Most conveyors have a tendency to have the belt pull towards the longest point on the conveyor. The straight knurling on the Crowned Pulley provides positive traction, while allowing the belt to float slightly from side to side without any damage.
Tension Release Tail

Tension Release Tail

  • Flips up at the push of a button
  • A Tension Release Tail releases tension on the belt with the push of a button. This feature also aids in cleaning under the belt and belt replacement if necessary. Gently push the tail and it locks back into place with tension and tracking settings retained.


Exact Width Stands

Exact Width Stands

For conveyor widths 18”+

Outrigger Stands

Outrigger Stands – For conveyor widths 12” and under, creating more stability

  • Our stands give you +1.5” or -1.5” adjustment to help with leveling your conveyor in place.
  • Standard height of 33″-36″. Additional sizes available upon request.
2 Axis Adjustable Guides

2″ high 2-Axis Adjustable Guides:

  • Material handling enables you to keep your products in place with ease. These guides help to ensure legible marking in the correct spot on your products
  • Each side can adjust approximately 2” towards the center for a total of 4” of adjusting capability
Pivot Drive Package

Pivot Drive Package

  • This rotational pivot drive connects to your gearmotor and allows for flexibility in positioning
Standard Duty DC Gearmotor and Digital Controller

Standard Duty DC Gearmotor and Digital Controller

  • 120 Watt DC TENV UL/CSA CE Certified IP66 rated Gearmotor

Product Features


  • Smooth Belt Conveyor with Aluminum Frame
  • Standard Sizing Options (custom sizes available upon request):
    • 36″ length x 12″ width
    • 36″ length x 18″ width
    • 72″ length x 12″ width
    • 72″ length x 18″ width
  • Loads: Up to 120lbs
  • Speeds: Up to 400fpm
  • Profile Height of Conveyor Bed: 1.95″
  • Fasteners: Metric


  • American Made
  • High Quality
  • 10 year warranty
  • Rigid, single-piece aluminum frame for conveyors 12″ width and under
  • Multi-Piece Steel/aluminum frame for conveyors 12″ width and larger.
  • The 3 pieces, including 2 aluminum side plates and a steel slider bed plate in the middle
  • Large, sealed, double-row ball bearings support high speeds up to 400 FPM
  • Compact Brushless DC motor capable of high speeds (400fpm)
  • Unique Pivot™ Drive package rotates to any position for maximum flexibility
  • Push-button Tension Release Tail is designed for fast belt changes and easy access to the frame to clean or clear debris


We stand behind our products and are confident in the quality! We fabricate our products with long-term reliability in mind. We want to ensure you that our conveyors will run problem-free in the field for years to come and for this reason we provide a 10 year limited warranty.

To receive the full 10 year warranty please register your conveyor system through the manufacturer QC Conveyors.

Common Industries For Automation Systems

Do you need an automation system and marking solution combination?

Do you need an automation system to integrate with equipment you already have?

Do you need a marking and coding solution on its own?

Whether you need a conveyor, line automation control system, and/or the equipment to mark your products – we have all the combinations and all the solutions!

Common Industries: Packaged Goods, Food, Protein, Dairy, Salty Snacks, Beverage, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Packaging, Materials Handling, Contract Packaging, Marking & Coding, Automotive, Assembly, Automation, Robotics, Plastics


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