Reiner Warranty Registration

Where to Locate Your Product’s Serial Number

jetStamp 990

serial number location for jetStamp 990

jetStamp 1025 / 1025 Sense

serial number location for jetStamp 1025

jetStamp graphic 970

serial number location for 970

speed-i-Jet 798

serial number location for speed-i-Jet 798

Reiner 940

serial number location for Reiner 940

jetStamp 790MP/792MP

serial number location for jetstamp MP series

Thank You For Purchasing The Reiner Handheld Inkjet Printer Made In Germany.
One-Year Warranty
We are sure it will give you years of high quality performance.

Please take the time to register your machine so we have it in our warranty database. Warranty May Be Void If Not Registered Within 30 Days.
Please make sure to register the machine with the information of the person and company that purchased the unit.
Unregistered machines may be subject to limited support.


jetStamp 990, jetStamp 1025,jetStamp 1025 Sense, jetStamp Graphic 970, speed-i-Jet 798, Reiner 940, jetStamp MP Series 790MP & 792MP, jetStamp 790 & 792

Labor on all models for a period of 90 days from date of purchase for anything determined to be a factory defect. All parts determined to be factory defective (exclusive of batteries and cartridges) will be covered for a period of 12 months from date of purchase. AMI will, at its sole discretion, repair or replace these components after the unit has been received by our repair department for evaluation. We always try to expedite warrantied items to minimize any down time.


How long a cartridge lasts depends on how the cartridge is stored and how fast the cartridge is used. Quick drying ink cartridges have approximately a 5-6 month shelf life prior to being opened. After the cartridge is opened, maximum warranty period is 30 days due to climate, humidity, storage and other factors.

Download PDF of Reiner Warranty form here

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