AMI Partners with Apis Wise for Automation Intelligence into Supply Chains


Armonk, New York (Apr 14, 2022) – Automated Marking Inc. (AMI) is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Apis Wise, a software solution provider for supply chain optimization. In addition to a product portfolio that consists of industrial printers, inks and conveyors, AMI now offers Apis Wise’s four turnkey solutions: automated pallet labeling, centralized printing and coding, inventory control and track & trace.

“We are proud to bring this technologically advanced, modular, revolutionary track and trace solution to our customers,” said Wilfred (Bill) Allen, VP of Sales and Service for AMI. Allen continued, “The team at Apis Wise has done such an incredible job with these solutions. We are certain it will help meet and exceed customer’s automation intelligence needs for years to come.”

“AMI has a similar business model and culture as Apis Wise. We both focus on problem solving for our clients with an emphasis on process improvement and reduced downtime,” said Dan Hare, Vice President of Business Development for Apis Wise. “Working together with AMI we look forward to providing a tightly integrated solution,” Hare concluded.

Information about AMI’s Plant Automation offerings can be found here:

About Automated Marking Inc.

Since 1903 Automated Marking Incorporated has been an international leader in the development, sales, service and support of high-quality product identification, systems automation equipment, hardware, software and consumables for marking, coding and commercial printing applications. AMI’s mission is to support people in realizing efficient production while providing the safest products. 

About Apis Wise

Apis Wise connects current output with stronger outcomes all across supply chains through industry-leading Pallet Labeling, Track & Trace, Centralized Printing & Coding, and Inventory Control solutions.  Apis Wise has been tailoring our out-of-the-box solutions to fit process needs—without custom software development—for nearly 30 years. Our solutions engineers inject Automation Intelligence into supply chains—no matter how they are configured.