Jeff Mear

Jeffrey Mear

Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Mear is the founder of Automated Marking Inc. (AMI), which was formally established in 1982. The company has its roots in product marking, rubber stamps and signage dating back to 1903, previously incorporated as the American Stamp Mfg. Company. Early in his career, Jeff played a major role in growing American Stamp, at one time serving as president and chief financial officer. That division was ultimately sold in 2000.

Jeff has an entrepreneurial background and has founded, acquired, and in most cases subsequently sold multiple companies over the past 25 years. Jeff is largely responsible for building Automated Marking over the last four decades, through the merger or acquisition and the integration or divestiture of various business units and product lines.

In 2018, Jeff was succeeded as CEO by his son Julian. Currently, Jeff is CFO, and is involved in the daily operations and administration of Automated Marking Inc. He has a BA in Business Administration from Suffolk University, in Boston Massachusetts. Jeff is also a notable stakeholder in a value based hedge fund.

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