jetStamp 1025 Sense

The Only All-In-One Scan, Process & Print TIJ on the Market

You won’t find it anywhere else. Reiner’s innovation team is back at it and this time it’s a spin off of the already function packed 1025.  Options for various sensors have been integrated to create this one of a kind printer. The 1025 with the barcode scanner is highlighted on this page and will scan, process and then print specified data all from the same unit! For more information on the other options see components below. Superior scanning and printing performance wrapped up in one!

All of the functionalities of the original 1025 carry through to this model. It is the most flexible and function packed handheld printer ever brought to market. With the click of a button, the 1025 can print up to a 1″ x 3 1/2″ imprint on both absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces. 1D & 2D barcodes, graphics, logos, & alphanumerics – all accomplished in about 1 second.

This unit is perfect for logistics, repackaging & relabeling, manufacturing, parts marking, inventory management, asset tracking, warehousing, factories, supply chain & a multitude of other vertical markets and applications.  Compliance has never been easier with this zero-maintenance cartridge based system and Reiner’s industry unique self-traversing printhead. Printing on a variety of sizes and shapes is effortless, add in single and multi-line imprints, ERP/Database connectivity, and up to a 1″ print height and you’ve become unstoppable.

Cardboard • Cloth • Foam • Glass • Metal • Paper • Plastic • Rubber • Wood


There are three ways to utilize this one-of-a-kind technology:
All of these options include the ability to print barcodes, alphanumeric text, live date and time, sequential numbering & graphics and the unit can store up to 255 imprints at one time.

Scan > Copy > Print

Scan a QR code, for instance, and print that same QR code with the option to include additional data with the code.

Scan >  Convert > Print

This offers 3 options. Scan a barcode or QR code and print the embedded text in the scanned barcode, print the human readable code in the scanned barcode, or convert to a different style/type of barcode.

Scan > Command > Print

Create a look-up database stored on the printer. Scan a barcode and have it jump to your specified print on the 1025 and then print the preprogrammed information.


These components are not interchangeable at this time. It is necessary to order your 1025 Sense with one of the options provided below.

Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner for Scan To Print Applications

Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Sea Level, Relative Humidity, & CO2

Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Sea Level, Relative Humidity, & CO2

IR Button Sensor

Infrared Button Sensor for Non Contact Temperature Measurements – 

Compact & simple!

Cable Sensor

Infrared Wired Non-Contact Temperature Measurement 

Great for hard to reach places!

Technical Features

  • Fully portable handheld inkjet printer – Thermal Inkjet (TIJ)
  • Prints on absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces
  • Prints single and multi-line imprints- depending on character size
  • Print area up to 1″ height x 3 1/2″ length
  • Adjustable font size- from 1/16″-1″
  • Prints Graphics, 1D and 2D barcodes, and alphanumerics
  • High Resolution 300DPI cartridge
  • Connection to Windows-based programs, merchandise management systems or barcode label software
  • Micro SD card data transfer and storage
  • Stores up to 255 Imprints
  • Lightweight: 2.1 lbs with batteries and cartridge
  • ERP/database connectivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Network compatible
  • Great for right and left-handed operators
  • Ergonomic handling through multi-triggering: on the side and in the middle of the handle
  • Black and Yellow Ink Options
  • Unique Self-traversing printhead
  • 4 Rechargeable AA Batteries
  • This equipment is only compatible with PC computers. Not MAC compatible.

Print Samples

Imprints may appear larger or smaller, depending on your viewing screen.


The 1025 is a comprehensive marking marvel. Loaded with capabilities & designed for speed and accuracy. This multi faceted printer encompasses printing on small parts, large pallets, allows for bluetooth and ERP/Database connectivity, and is just waiting to be a part of your supply chain or any other daily process. Click through to your desired industries to see the countless application opportunities.

Lumber & Building Materials

Regular auditing under state and federal lumber guidelines is common. Inconsistencies and rough surfaces in wood and building… Read Full Description.

Food Packaging

The jetStamp 1025 has the ability to print variable data including alphanumeric text as well as graphics and barcodes on all shapes, sizes… Read Full Description.

Cannabis, CBD & Hemp

Regulations continue to evolve as the Cannabis industry rapidly expands. The jetStamp 1025 is an all in one solution that was developed… Read Full Description.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

With the broad selection of packaging colors & substrates you need a solution that will adapt to your products the 1025 is your… Read Full Description.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Real-time visibility of valuable assets is critical. With numerous ways to transport goods, there is always an opportunity to improve… Read Full Description.

Other Common Industries

jetStamp 1025 Sense Data Center

Data Sheets


Stainless Steel Template for Reiner 1025

Stainless Steel Template/Jig. Highly recommended accessory! Used for precision guide/jig for small and uneven parts and engraved portion of each template catches a small ink purge which enhances imprint clarity.

MP3 Black Solvent Based Quick Drying Ink Cartridge

Reiner MP3 Black Solvent Based Quick Drying Ink Cartridge For Non-Porous Surfaces- Model 1025 (EMBKP5MP3)

SBK Black Water Based Ink Cartridge

Reiner SBK Black Water Based Ink Cartridge For Porous Surfaces- Model 1025 (EMBKP5S)

Black Solvent Based Quick Drying Ink Cartridge

Reiner Black Solvent Based Quick Drying Ink Cartridge – Model 1025 (EM10BKQDX)

Yellow P5-MP6 Solvent Based Quick Drying Ink Cartridge

Reiner Yellow P5-MP6 Solvent Based Quick Drying Ink Cartridge For Non-Porous Surfaces- Model 1025 (EM10YEQD)

AA Gold Peak Rechargeable Batteries (Set of 4)

AA Gold Peak Rechargeable Batteries (Set of 4) (EM1025BAT)

Foot Pedal

Reiner Foot Pedal for 1025 jetStamp (EM381050-005)

Micro USB Cable

Micro USB Cable (EMPT945190-002)

Cartridge Care



jetStamp 1025

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